Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Praying the Word of God

A few months ago, I completed the book When I Don't Desire God - How to Fight for Joy by John Piper. It was very edifying, but I benefited most from the chapters on the Word of God and Prayer with relation to using the Word of God to guide you in prayer. Piper also mentions an acrostic that he uses each day in praying and reading the word. I thought it was a good one to remember and use so here it is. The acrostic is IOUS.

  1. Inclination - Ask God to give us an inclination to His Word and not to money or fame or power (Psalm 119:36)
  2. Open - Ask God to open our eyes to see wonderful things when we read His Word (Psalm 119:18)
  3. Unite - Ask God to unite our hearts in the fear of God rather than fragmented over a dozen concerns (Psalm 86:11)
  4. Satisfy - Ask God to satisfy us in His steadfast love (Psalm 90:14).
I was greatly encourage by his suggestions to allow the Word of God to be a spring board into prayer. We can't go wrong by praying the Bible. Sometimes that is all we can do.

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