Monday, October 12, 2009

Video Evidence as Truth

Well, tonight I watch yet again another documentary discussing the theories behind the assassination of JFK. This one was slightly different discussing all the events that have occurred in the years since the assassination with respect to finding out what really happened. It sort of ended by saying that the truth perhaps lies hidden in unrevealed video that was taken on that day and will one day be revealed. I have to wonder, however, if that will even persuade people. Every week I watch college football games where plays are reviewed by video from different angles and even when the video evidence seems to show what really happened, it fails to convince the referees who decide just the opposite of the video evidence.

People often believe only what they want to believe. It sort of reminds me of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus told by Jesus. I believe it was Abraham who told the rich man that even if a man rose from the dead it would not convince his brothers to turn from their sinful ways (Luke 16:19-31). And in fact, that is just what happened with the results being that those who fought against Christ tried to cover it up - talk about a conspiracy story that is still being told even to this day (Matthew 28:11-15). You can't intellectually convince one into the Kingdom. In a similar way, just observing the miraculous works of God will not do it either (just look at the Egyptians during the Exodus or the Pharisees of Jesus' time). Once again, a reminder that God has to regenerate the heart in the new birth first, which will then produce a recognition and acceptance of truth, leading to Godly repentance and true faith.

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