Sunday, December 20, 2009

Does It Really Take So Long?

Have you ever began a Bible reading program with the goal to read through the entire Bible in a certain amount of time? And have you ever after a short period come to the conclusion that it will simply take too much of your time and seems to take too long. Well, I began thinking about the actual time it would take to read through the entire Bible. I looked up 3 popular versions of the Bible as they are offered in an audio format. The following are the times presented for the entire Bible being read out loud in a non-dramatic format:
  • NIV - 77 hours
  • ESV - 75 hours
  • NASB - 73 hours
So we see an average of 75 hours to read the entire Bible. That is just 3 hours over 3 complete days. That is less than 1% of a year's time. And remember, that this is reading the Bible out loud - which would probably take longer than reading silently to yourself. Of course- thoughtful meditation while reading would also take longer. But on the surface would you have thought that it would only take a little over 3 complete days to read the entire Bible? Think about the time you have spent this year doing other things. I know I have spent way more time than this watching sporting events, movies, and favorite television programs. Which would be a better use of my time?

I guess my point is that reading the Bible really does not take so long when viewed in the aspect of a year. As a new year approaches, make it a point to read through the Bible. If fact, make it a point to read through the Bible at least once every year of your life. There are many published plans out there and even designated Bibles that can aid you. And while I bet that it may take you longer than the time above because the Holy Spirit will aid you in understanding and illumination of the Bible, it will be time well spent. And - it will not seem to be so long. In fact you may feel that you may need to make more time to read God's revelation given to His people - a revelation straight from Him meant for His glory and our absolute best.

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